Why VoNo?

Customize email

Add one or multiple email addresses to receive your memos. VoNo helps you to distribute tasks fast and easily.

Switch memo types

Seamlessly switch between voice-to-text memos, audio memos, photo memos, and text memos.

Manage sync list

When you’re offline, your memo is securely saved. It will be sent once you have access to the internet again.

Voice-to-Text Memo

Using speech recognition, VoNo transforms your words into text notes. Ideal for when you are driving your car.

Speech recognition

Press record and the app will start listening and converting your speech to text!

Choose your language

Choose your desired language for voice recognition. We support over 50 languages.

Voice Memo

In the Voice Memo mode, you can simply record audio messages and send them to your designated email address.

Record and pause

Simply click the record button to start talking and pause when needed.

Audio file or web-player

Receive the voice memo as an attachment or as a link to listen via the web-player.

Text Memo

Easily type and send text notes to your desired email address with a single tap.

Type and send

Type your text memo and send your memo directly with a single tap.

Set reminders

Sync your memo to your calendar to set future reminders.

Photo Memo

Quickly snap a picture and have it forwarded to your email in a matter of seconds.

Switch camera

Easily switch between your front or back camera to take a picture.

Receive photo as attachment

Receive the taken photo as an attachment via email. How easy!

History and Vision

VoNo has been initiated by Jeffrey van Dijk, director and owner of an app agency based in Amsterdam. Below the story of how VoNo was born.

On your bike, in your car, or under the shower, you have all these thoughts flying in. Recognizable? What’s next?

Old method: Try to remember them, and when you finally have your hands free, note down these (remaining) thoughts, and send them to yourself via email;

i. open phone,

ii. open email app,

iii. start new email,

iv. add address,

v. add subject,

vi. write your message,

vii. and send it off.


Jeffrey imagined there must be a faster way…


VoNo method:

i. open phone,

ii. open VoNo and recording is initiated directly,

iii. send it off to a preselected email account when you are done.

Upgrade to VoNo Pro to get unlimited memos and more



  • Launch option
  • Voice-to-Text memo
  • Voice memo
  • Text memo
  • Picture memo
  • Automatically start recording
  • Voice memo option
  • 10 memo quota per day
  • Memos in 50 languages
  • Extra productivity features
  • Auto send voice memo
  • Ad free environment
  • Unlimited voice memo storage
  • Support VoNo development team

What our users say


Great app. Works exactly as advertised for me. It also works using a Bluetooth mic which is fantastic.


Exactly what I was looking for! Easy to send myself reminders by email. The speech to text converter works great for Dutch as well.


Great app, I think it is the best voice-to-email app available on Android today, June 2019. Best app because this launches, sends, and exits with two touches ("open", say stuff, "send"..., done, awesome!).


It's a great app that does exactly what it says I use it on a daily basis. Great for memos of all kinds.


Great app. Does exactly what I want it to do. Just like the advertisement. Perfect for sending instructions to your assistant when you're in the car.


I love Vono. The simplicity is right up my alley, and their support is responsive and personable. The app is front and center on my phone and I use it constantly.

John Whitney

15 April 2019

Harm Linssen

23 June 2019

William Lee

28 November 2018

Noam Barlevav

29 October 2019

Kelly Cunningham

3 December 2019

Jon Rand

21 February 2020

Asked Questions

The web player allows immediate playback of the audio file and also allows you to download your recordings if need be. Voice memos are available for 60 days after being uploaded, for Pro users they will never expire. The link to your voice memo is unique and long enough to be unguessable.

Support the continuous improvement and development of VoNo with VoNo PRO. As a PRO user, you unlock the full potential of VoNo and are no longer subject to a daily memo quota. In addition, you unlock the auto-send functionality for the voice and voice-to-text memos and you get control over the quality of photo memos.

You will be awarded more memos per day by inviting users with your personalized link. Simply go to the settings and click share the app. With every successful registration, you will receive 10 additional memos per day (up to a maximum quota of 50 memos per day). If you need unlimited memos, please subscribe to VoNo PRO.

With VoNo PRO you can choose an auto-send duration of 5, 10 or 20 seconds. After the given duration the voice-to-text or voice memo will automatically send out to your main email address.

By default the photo memo's are being compressed to 480p. You are able to increase the quality. Disabling the feature will offer the best quality but also use more of your data bundle!

You can use the following steps to cancel your subscription:

You can use the following steps to cancel your subscription:

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VoNo is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Download the app now to start sending and collecting memos easily!