Why VoNo

Learn all the benefits of using VoNo, such as making voice memos

quick and easy, making it the best app for speech notes.


Mail to self (and others)

VoNo enables you to mail yourself (and others) with just one single tap. Perfect for distributing tasks to your colleagues.


Switch memo types

Seamlessly switch between voice-to-text memo, voice memo, photo memo, and text memo.


Save memos

You can also save your memos offline in the app. Easily access them later when you need it.

Vono app text memo

Privacy guaranteed

VoNo does not share memos with third parties. Your memos are encrypted and your privacy is guaranteed.


Getting things done

Use VoNo as a GTD tool. VoNo works with: Evernote, Trello, Todoist, Dropbox, Things, Microsoft To Do and other apps.



Create reminders and directly place them in your Native Calendar.

Watch Video

Vono app voice to text memo

Voice-to-Text Memo

Using speech recognition, VoNo transforms your words into text notes. Ideal for when you are driving your car.


Speech recognition

Press record and the app will start listening and converting your speech to text!


Choose your language

Choose your desired language for voice recognition. We support over 50 languages.

Voice Memo

In the Voice Memo mode, you can simply record audio messages and save and/or send them to your designated email address.


Record and pause

Simply click the record button to start talking and pause when needed.


Audio file or web-player

Receive the voice memo as an attachment or as a link to listen via the web-player.

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Text Memo

Easily type and save and/or send text notes to your desired email address with a single tap.


Type and send

Type your text memo and send your memo directly with a single tap, or save it for later.


Set reminders

Sync your memo to your calendar to set future reminders.

Photo Memo

Quickly snap a picture and save and/or send it to your email in a matter of seconds.


Switch camera

Easily switch between your front or back camera to take a picture.


Choose how to receive

Receive the memo as an attachment, body of email, or as a link to a web viewer.

Vono app picture memo

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about VoNo? Maybe you can find the answer below.
Check out our complete FAQ for more answers.

Questions about VoNo? Maybe you can find the answer below. Check out our complete FAQ for more answers.

  • Can I customize my memo email layout?
    It is currently possible to change the subject of your emails for your (Voice-to-)Text memos. You can do this by going to your settings and enabling ‘Subject line preview for Voice-to-Text & Text memos’. The VoNo team is working on expanding these features in the future.
  • Does VoNo work while minimized?
    Minimizing VoNo and keeping it active on the background while using other apps is possible, but it only works when you’re recording a Voice Memo. This is a standard feature for all our users.
  • Support VoNo with a review
    We would love for you to share your positive experience by leaving a review in the App Store or Play Store. Do you have constructive feedback on how to improve VoNo even further? Please share it via feedback@vono-app.com.
  • Can I change the way I receive my Voice Memos?
    It is possible to choose how you want to receive your Voice memo in the settings. The default option is receiving both the link to the web player and the attachment. Please note that Voice Memo attachments will be split at every 10-minute mark.
  • What can I use VoNo for?

    VoNo allows you to simply send memos to yourself and others with your smartphone or smartwatch in a quick and user-friendly fashion. Send a text memo, voice memo, photo memo, or even record a voice-to-text memo using speech recognition to any pre-selected email address.

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