Privacy Policy VoNo

V1.1 19-05-2020

When using VoNo services we process your user data with care and respect. We value our users trust in our services and how we handle personal data. We operate according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Privacy Policy describes the way we process and use personal data.

Transfer of personal information

VoNo will not share your user data with third parties when this is not directly necessary for the purpose of the data processing, as defined in this document. VoNo will only share your user data with third parties within The Netherlands or countries wherein this is allowed in accordance with European or Dutch law.

Data controller

The data controller for processing your user data is VoNo. VoNo makes use of Google Analytics services, therefore both parties have signed an agreement. All data processed by Google Analytics is anonymous. For questions concerning the processing of your user data, you can contact VoNo at

Data process purposes

VoNo processes your user data for the following purposes:

• To give you access to the services of VoNo, as defined in the Terms and Conditions;

• To send you push notifications;

• To improve the quality, safety and user experience of the VoNo services.

Processed user data

We process the following user data:

• Email address;

• Email addresses submitted by the user;

• IP-address;

• How you use the app (anonymous);

• Date of first use; • Date of last login.

User data storage term

VoNo will store your user data no longer than deemed necessary to provide you with the VoNo services. VoNo operates within the law and applies the shortest possible term of data storage. All personal data will be removed after this term.

User data security

VoNo will provide fitting security measurements for our services. These measurements are in accordance with the applying laws and guidelines in Europe and The Netherlands.

User rights

You have the right to request insight in your processed user data. As an user, you are able to request for rectification, limitation or removal of your user data. These requests are also possible for parts of your user data. When you want to make one of these requests, contact us at VoNo asks you to specify your request as much as possible. We will respond to your request within 4 weeks. We will delete your user data at the earliest opportunity in case of a request for removal, with the exception when the law obligates us to store the data or other overruling cause that prohibits removal of your user data. After completing the request, we will send you a confirmation mail. When we were not able to (completely) delete your user data, we will notify you with the reason of not completely complying to your request. When we are not able to (completely) determine what user data your request is for, we can ask you to specify your request. We suspend the execution of your request until we have received the requested specifications. As an user you always have the right to make a complaint about the processing of your user data. You can do this by the authorities of your country. For The Netherlands, you are able to do that here.

Speech transcription

VoNo composes Voice-to-Text memos based on your transcribed speech with help of the Google (for Android devices) and iOS (for Apple devices) speech-to-text API’s. Any data shared with Google and Apple is made anonymous and separated from your account details. For more information about this, see here for Google and here for Apple.

Version update

We might revise this document as a result of changes by law or publications by the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. We recommend you to regularly check this document on any changes. This privacy policy was last modified on 02-10-2018.

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