History and Vision

Read the story of how VoNo was born.

Initiated in 2018 by
Jeffrey van Dijk

VoNo has been initiated by Jeffrey van Dijk, director and owner of a digital agency based in Amsterdam. Below the story of how VoNo was born.

Portrait of Jeffrey, creator of VoNo.
VoNo Bulb signifying that the best ideas come unexpected.

Best ideas come

On your bike, in your car, or under the shower, you have all these
thoughts flying in. Recognizable?
What’s next?

Old method: slow
and uneffective

Try to remember ideas, and when you finally have your hands free, note down these (remaining) thoughts, and send them to yourself via email:

i. open phone,

ii. open email app,

iii. start new email, iv. add address,

v. add subject,

vi. write your message, vii. and send it off.

Note down VoNo memos
VoNo screens to show a faster way of sending memos

Jeffrey imagined there
must be a faster way…

VoNo method:

i. open phone,

ii. open VoNo and recording is initiated directly,

iii. save and/or send it to a preselected email account when you are done.