Terms & Conditions VoNo

V1.0 04-10-2018

When using VoNo services we process your user data with care and respect. We value our users trust in our services and how we handle personal data. We operate according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Privacy Policy describes the way we process and use personal data.


VoNo enables you to easily record voice memos and send text notes to an email address. The user is able to record and save voice messages, to send text notes and voice-to-text messages to an email address of their choice. It is also possible to select more than one receiver, to distribute spoken messages or text notes.

Intellectual property

The VoNo service as well as its content are protected by intellectual property. By using the app, you agree to respect VoNo Intellectual Rights, as well as those generally owned by anybody else, in particular not to copy, forward, download or share content of the app without obtaining the necessary permissions of the rightful owners.


If one or more points in this article is/are breached, VoNo will be entitled to remove the content in question and suspend your licence to use the app without notice or compensation. Any suggestion that you pass on to VoNo to adapt or improve our services may be used by VoNo or her partners free of charge, irrevocably and without any conditions.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is a priority for VoNo. We process your user data in order to provide the VoNo services. We recommend you to read our Privacy Policy, which explains how we handle your user data. When you have any question about your privacy, contact us at feedback@vono-app.com.


Use of VoNo services is at your own risk. VoNo and third parties are not responsible for any damages, losses and expenses regarding the use or the effect of using our services. VoNo is in the broadest sense not responsible for anything regarding the content of the voice memos and/or text notes.


Dutch law is applied on this agreement. Any dispute between VoNo and you will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of its registered offices in The Netherlands.


Purchases are platform specific. A single purchase can be used on multiple devices on the same platform (Android/iOS) using the same Google Play account or Apple ID. Purchases are not transferrable between different platforms or application stores.

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