How is my privacy guaranteed?

November 22, 2021
  1. Memos sent by users are not shared with any third parties. Any data shared with Google and Apple is anonymous, meant to improve their Speech Recognition API for better user experience when using our Voice-to-Text functionality.
  2. When users choose to receive the link to the web player for their web memos, these links are all unique and cannot be guessed by other users. For free users, memos stored on the web player are deleted after 60 days. For PRO users, they will remain active for an unlimited time.
  3. When users register with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or Apple, the only information VoNo can collect is their email address.
  4. The email addresses collected by VoNo will solely be used to send memos, meaning they will not be used for any personal use.
  5. Data is collected anonymously for VoNo’s analytics, which is used to further improve our user experience. This data cannot be traced back to individual users. The data we collect consists of:
  • Mail provider
  • Registration method
  • Memo duration
  • Quota limit
  • Subscription type
  • Selected preferences
  • Device type