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October 27, 2022
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Fortunately, gone are those pandemic days but, those were the days when we creatively employed various ways to stay in touch with each other. In those days, since we were unable to hang out or stay in touch with our friends and family, it was easy to feel lonely and depressed in isolation. However, an excellent solution to crawl out of that depressing feeling of detachment is to exchange long voice notes through your social media accounts. Isn’t it lovely to sum up your whole day in a voice note and send it to your dear ones who are concerned about your wellbeing? 

It is highly unlikely if you don’t know what voice notes are or how to send a voice note. But don’t worry, we have got your back. Here is our detailed blog that delves into the details and depths of voice notes. 

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How do voice notes work?

Voice notes are the new text messages in town, best suited for flexible and modern communication. You can record your texts using your voice, and speak your heart out. With a voice note, the control is in your hands, you can choose when to listen and respond without any kind of pressure to engage urgently. In the hustle-bustle of our daily routines, voice note features are a life-saver, especially if you are one of those people who hate and fear phone calls or leave people on seen. The audio messaging format of voice notes allows you to engage, hear the voice of your loved ones and respond to them without any pressure to respond on the spot. 

Since its introduction to WhatsApp in 2013, many applications integrated the voice note feature in their applications to make communication incredibly smooth. Have you ever wondered what makes voice notes so appealing? Let’s dig into the details of how voice notes make interaction easy. 

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Top 6 benefits of sending voice notes:

Here are six simple benefits of recording a voice note:

1. Simply make communication quicker:

Do you procrastinate replying to your friends’ messages or ignore their messages, often offending them? Many people take offense at receiving late replies. Well, you aren’t alone in that. We are often rushing with one task or the other and after an exhausting day at work or school, everyone is running out of energy to type a big letter. With voice notes, it is relatively quick to record all that you want to say. In a world where being busy is a new trend, sending a voice note while boiling your tea in the kettle, running to the meeting or jogging to the gym is substantial proof that you are simply too busy. Too busy to type and certainly not available for the phone call. 

The best aspect is that voice notes indicate you are extremely busy without even slightly offending your friends or family members who you tend to leave on seen on text messages.

2. Convenient:

Voice notes are not only making communication quicker but are also making it incredibly convenient. With contrasting schedules and timezones, it is much easier to engage with friends using voice notes without any pressure of responding on the spot. Moreover, there are a host of unique features that make voice notes even more convenient to use. You can listen to the audio message outside of your chat and engage in some other work at the same time. You can even pause and resume your recording in case of any disruption in the middle of your conversation. 

Many of us struggle with gathering our thoughts or building fluency in the conversation. However, you can always preview your messages before sending them. Sometimes, listening to long voice messages seems extremely troublesome. But don’t worry, the fast playback features save you. Next time you see a voice message longer than 1 minute, play it at a speed of 1.5x or 2x to make the process quicker. 

The sudden rise in the popularity of voice messages proves that we are finding ways to cope with our disconnected and chaotic routine life. 

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3. Strengthens connection:

Voice notes feel extremely intimate and help people build stronger connections. They play a crucial role in building compassion and helping people understand what their friends are trying to say better than our traditional text messages. Especially, if you love to share your whole day or some interesting gossip with your peers, you can always leave a voice note. Many people find voice messages strengthen connections by building a sense of belonging. 

During the unprecedented times of the pandemic, there was isolation and loneliness. Many people felt disconnected from their friends and family. Instant texts didn’t feel enough. In such circumstances, voice messaging is an effective solution. An insight into your peer’s life or some encouraging words from their side can instantly perk you up. 

4. No interruptions or awkward silences:

Are you an introvert who finds phone calls abhorable and is always looking for excuses to avoid them? Well, voice notes are a safe escape for you. In a voice note, you are completely free to express yourself without any interruptions or any awkward silences in between your conversation. You can speak without suffering from anxiety from being cut off in between or spoken over. You can set the right tone and speak your heart out. Once you are habitual of speaking your heart out, you can naturally build a flow in your conversation. 

Besides this, voice notes allow you to listen and understand the other person’s story better than you ever would on a call or a text message.

5. Connects long-distance friends:

If you are miles apart from someone who you deeply value, voice messages are a lovely way to bring back the beauty of being together. There is always something special about hearing the voice of your loved ones, especially if you share a meaningful and deep relationship with them. Hearing about their day or life at a different place or telling about yours can help you stay in touch. 

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6. Builds nuance and clarity:

As apparent as it sounds, texts don’t convey any emotional nuance or build clarity. You cannot always translate the sensitivity of a topic while typing a text. If you suddenly cancel a plan or try to explain a tricky situation, usually these messages are misconstrued by the other party. However, voice notes are impeccable while conveying your emotions and tone. Vocal cues are an excellent way to transmit our emotional state and attitude in a certain situation. If you think you are broaching a sensitive topic, it is better to do it through a voice message rather than a text message. 

Summing up:

So there we are, there is a great appeal in exchanging voice messages since they are one of the most effective ways to communicate and share your thoughts. If you are looking for flexibility in your communication, voice notes are an extremely flexible means to stay connected. They are not only practical but super easy and convenient. In the mad hustle of our regular routines, a little voice note of your dear ones can comfort you and build a strong connection. Stay connected and have more expressive and meaningful conversations with your friends and family.

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